My Thoughts: ELF Lip Exfoliator

ELF Lip Exfoliator

Things i like about the product:

packaging – very sleek and it stays shut properly, it also doesn’t have a little bit of the stick poking out the top like the lipstick but the balmy/substance itself doesn’t look too attractive but who cares when it works like magic?

smell – it smells soooooo good, really sweet but still like beauty products.. does that make sense?

taste – okay i shouldn’t be tasting this but i accidentally licked my lips and it does taste pretty good.. just like sugar really which is pretty much the basis for exfoliator anyway!

application – it’s really easy to apply, like the tube doesn’t twizzle round when you’re putting it on (again, does that make sense?) however i don’t think this is a product which can last for ages, as it’s an exfoliator quite a lot of the stuff comes off when you use it so there’s not much left but once you’ve used it i doubt you’ll need it for a while!

How I use it:

i wet my lips with a soaked cotton wool pad making sure the skin surrounding my lips is also wet

move the exfoliate in a circular motion slowly around my lips (not focusing on the same area too much)

rub my lips together

use the same cotton wool pad i wet my lips with to wet them again

put on some lipbalm, usually i use the palmer cocoa butter one!

overall i definitely recommend it, it works really well and even better when you put some lip balm on once you’ve used it.. its only £3.75 but it’s the best £3.75 i’ve ever spent!


  1. Jamie A
    21/12/2012 / 23:20

    I've been buying a lot of elf products lately and I didn't even see that they had a lip exfoliator. that's great! thanks for posting this review, i'll definietly be trying it soon!

    the scarlet jamie

  2. Hannah Sullivan
    22/12/2012 / 02:19

    I've had my eye on this and I've been debatable so I'm glad you did this!

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