Top 5: Topshop Christmas Nail Polishes

i’m sure you would’ve realised by now but christmas is approaching quickly so i thought i’d do a festive post today on my top five favourite christmassy nail varnishes by topshop! as you can see they mainly comprise of silver and gold but that’s just what i think of when i think about crimbo!



1. Stardust £6.50

With this varnish it takes a few coats to completely cover your nail in glitter but it’s well worth it as it barely chips. i also love using these glittery ones as a top coat over another bold colour, in this festive mood i’ll most probably use red as the gold and red complement each other perfectly.


2. Ice Crush £6.00

Very similar to Stardust but in silver, once again it’s good to layer up and as just a top coat. It reminds me of sparkles and snow and i just love it!


3. Heart of Gold £6.00

This varnish reminds me of gold baubles on the christmas tree and the gold tinsel halo’s you wear for christmas nativity when you’re little.. good memories eh?


4. Bad Habit £5.00

This is a really suitable colour for the whole of autumn and winter as it’s one of those rich red colours which seem pretty timeless to me. The only problem with this particular one is it chips quite easily so you often need to reapply which can be annoying.


5. Tidal £5.00

I find this a very misty, snowy, grey winter skies colour but i do really like it but sometimes i find it a bit overpowering.


well that’s all for today, just felt quite festive and felt i’d kick off the crimbo posts!


so what’s your favourite christmas nail varnish? any others to recommend?


    • steviieee
      12/11/2012 / 16:57

      ahh thank you so much! i love your blog:)xx

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